Performance Matters – Multicore Madness Moscow: Live Stream Info

Right now the HWBOT World Tour team are at IgroMir Expo in Moscow, Russia. As well as overclocking workshops and contests, we are also hosting another Performance Matters event. The Performance Matters – Multicore Madness Moscow event takes place on Saturday night and will involve three world-class overclockers pushing the latest Intel Core-X processors the max. The great news today is that the event will be live streamed by the OverClocking-TV team, meaning you won’t miss a thing.

Multicore Madness Moscow: Event Live Stream

International press, enthusiasts and anyone interested in seeing the latest Intel Core-X multicore processors being pushed to the max will be able to tune in to a live stream broadcast courtesy of media partners OverClocking-TV. The event will feature Smoke (Russia), Wizerty (France) and BenchBros (Germany). Coverage of the event will begin at around 9pm local time (UTC+3) with commentary plus footage of each overclocking station as the action heats up. Commentary will be provided by Trouffman, Buildzoid and Houston.

Catch the live stream from OverClocking-TV TwitchTV here:

HWBOT Intel, ASUS, Seasonic and HyperX Showcase the Latest Multi-Core Intel® Core™i9 7980XE Extreme Edition Processor

HWBOT and partners invite East European media to a showcase of true multicore PC performance. Visitors will witness three Extreme Overclocking stations, each manned by one of Europe’s Elite overclockers. The latest Intel® Core™ i9 processors featuring the power of 18-core, 16-core and 14-core processing will be demonstrated using extreme, sub-zero cooling. The liquid nitrogen will flow, the records will tumble.

Read the full news post here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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