Anandtech Explore Memory Scaling on AMD Ryzen 7 with Team Group DDR4

When it comes to memory performance and scaling it seems like Intel have been ahead of AMD for sometime. In terms of support for DDR4, we had to wait until the fairly recent AMD Ryzen launch earlier this year. Now that AMD is supporting higher frequency DDR4 modules, exactly how much extra performance can we expect? Earlier today Anandtech published an article penned by Gavin Bonshor (gavbon) and Ian Cutress (borandi) that explores the issue of memory scaling with AMD Ryzen in some detail:

A large number of column inches have been put towards describing and explaining AMD's new underlying scalable interconnect: the Infinity Fabric. A superset of HyperTransport, this interconnect is designed to enable both the CPUs and GPUs from AMD to communicate quickly, at high bandwidth, low latency, and with low power with the ability to scale out to large systems. One of the results of the implementation of Infinity Fabric on the processor side is that it runs at the frequency of the DRAM in the system, with a secondary potential uplift in performance when using faster memory.

The debate between enthusiasts, consumers and the general populous in regards to Ryzen's memory performance and has been an ever-raging topic since the AGESA BIOS updates were introduced several weeks ago. We dedicated some time to test the effect of high-performance memory on Ryzen using Team Group's latest Night Hawk RGB memory.

Check out the full and detailed article from Anandtech here.

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