Buildzoid Creates Frankenstein Radeon 290X with Three Power Boards

Buildzoid is back at it again on his Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel with two videos that cover his most recent adventures. The videos center on the fun he has been having with a GALAX HoF Power Board that he has used to bring back to life his dead Radeon 290X card. The videos provide an interesting and insightful look into graphics card modding.

So what exactly is a Power Board? Well, for the uninitiated it’s basically a pretty simple PCB that contains the VRM components that would usually be used to power either the GPU on a graphics card, or the CPU on a motherboard. The GALAX Hall of Fame (HoF) Power Board is in most respects similar to competing products from GIGABYTE, ASUS and EVGA. The HoF board supports up to 2GHz switching using an IR3595 PWM chip. Each of the 16-phases is based on an IR3555M Mosfet ICs which provide an input current up to 960A. Plenty of juice in other words. More than enough for pretty much any GPU.

The second video is all about the Frankenstein-like Radeon 290X card. The HoF board is used to power the Vcore while he has an old 7870 VRM powering the auxiliary rail while yet another board, a GTR power board powers the card’s memory. Strap an LN2 to the side of the card and you have a pretty nuts looking rig that is well prepped for extreme overclocking. If it doesn’t burn your house down that is.

You can find the HoF Power Board video here on the AHCO YouTube channel, plus the resulting modified Radeon 290X card in action here.

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