Gamers Nexus: Skylake-X Delidding and Liquid Metal Tutorial

Steve Clarke and the guys at Gamers Nexus managed to get their hands on the latest delidding tool from der8auer, the Delid-Die-Mate X. As the name might suggest the new tool is designed specially to work with the latest Skylake-X processors from Intel which use different dimensions from previous processors. Steve’s latest video is a tutorial which shows you how to first delid the CPU then how to apply liquid metal to improve thermals. It all might sound like a pretty straight forward operation, but as Steve explains there are plenty of rookie mistakes that can and should be avoided.

The tutorial begins with dropping the CPU in the well of the Delid-Die-Mate X tool, ensuring that you put the CPU in using the correct orientation. After that, it’s simply a matter of turning the score on the side of the tool, slowly using a hexagonal key. It only takes a few turns to get the integrated heat sink moving, at the that point it means the seal has been broken. It should then be possible to simply pull the IHS off without using rotational force which could harm the chip which has several capacitors around the edge. If it doesn’t come off easily, pop it back in the tool and push it some more.

Next he demonstrates how to clean off the thermal paste using rubbing alcohol. Then he removes the silicon adhesive from the substrate, all the time being careful not to damage the SMT components on the chip. He then applies Liquid Metal which offers improved thermal conductivity which should help reduce operating temperatures and improve overclocking. As Steve explains, applying Liquid Metal, in this case Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut. Also, be reminded that for Extreme overclocking with LN2, a TIM such as Kryonaught would be preferable, as Liquid Metal is not suited to subzero temperatures.

You can find this really useful tutorial video from Steve Burke here on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel.

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