OCWC Moscow Qualifier: Contest Rules, Contestants and Schedule

The HWBOT World Tour make sits first ever visit to Russia for IgroMir Expo this week, bringing overclocking workshops and both ambient and extreme contests to East Europe’s largest technology show. The highlight of the event from a hardcore overclocking perspective will doubtlessly be the Overclocking World Championship Moscow 2017 Qualifier contest, a subzero overclocking contest co-hosted with ASUS Russia. Today we can confirm the contestants, rules and schedule:

Overclocking World Championship – Moscow 2017 Qualifier

Extreme overclockers in the region are invited to take part in the Moscow 2017 Qualifier contest. The contest will take place at the ASUS Russia booth at Igromir Expo event, with hardware and unlimited access to LN2. Here’s a breakdown of how the contest is organized, starting with the contestants:

OCWC Moscow 2017: Contestants

The following eight HWBOT members will compete in the Moscow 107 Qualifier contest (plus links to their HWBOT profile pages):

  • -DartMaul – Александр Баландин (Russia)
  • -IceAlex – Алексей Смирнов (Russia)
  • -qef – Ярослав Корякин (Russia)
  • -Smoke – Владимир Георгиев (Russia)
  • -Wizerty – Jean-Michel Tisserand (France)
  • -viper-rd – Евгений Кособуцкий (Belarus)
  • -Traktor – Алексей Шубин (Russia)
  • -Atheros – Алексей Федоров (Russia)

Read the full news article featuring all the contest rules and the full schedule, here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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