[Video] UFDisciple and the ASUS ROG Overclocking Masterclass with DrWeez

A few weeks ago we brought you news about a pretty cool overclocking event organized by ASUS in South Africa. Dubbed the ROG Overclocking Masterclass series, the idea was pretty simple – get hold of a bunch of prominent PC and technology media (including YouTubers of course) and invite them to DrWeez’s private overclocking den for an in depth workshop on the art of seriously extreme overclocking. Today we came across a video from YouTuber UFDisciple who attended the event.

In fairness, although UFDisciple, also known as Brett Stelmaszek, is by no means a seasoned overclocker, he is very much familiar with the concepts involved. In fact, this guy was the winner of the HWBOT Amateur World Series 2016 South Africa contest which took place at rAge Cape Town abpout a year and a half ago. So yeah, for sure this guys knows his way around a BIOS or two. However when it comes to handling liquid nitrogen and freezing the balls of your CPU, it was all really new to him.

At the Masterclass event Brett was shown the basics of what it takes to push a system under LN2. They started with learning how insulate the motherboard to combat condensation and water buildup, how delid an Intel Core i7 7700K processor and how to apply thermal paste and mount an LN2 pot. After that, they got hands on with the LN2 pouring while also getting more familiar with the LN2 savvy ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex Motherboard. The quest for 6GHz and beyond was begun.

You can catch the video from UFDisciple here on his YouTube channel.

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