Hardware Asylum Podcast #79a: One Year using Thermaltake Premium and New Casemodding Project

The chaps from Hardware Asylum are back with their latest technology podcast. In Episode #79a Dennis and Darren take on the topic of water cooling. The technology has certainly moved on in the last decade or so with major improvements in terms of ease of use and stability. The guys discuss their experiences using Termaltake Premium and the plans they have for the next build:

Project Lookback - In December of 2015 Dennis started a simple modding project to custom paint a Thermaltake Core V51 which has since become a major talking point with the website. Of course it started with custom paint and was later fitted with a custom waterloop using the, then new, Thermaltake Premium PETG watercooling kit complete with fittings, pump+res, waterblock and radiator. The purpose of the build was to showcase the new TT Premium hardware and to also prove that you could have a custom watercooling build that not only looked good but was durable. As of this podcast the loop has been together for over a year and the build has been transported to four LAN Parties, to the Hardware Asylum Labs six times and moved around Darrens office at least three times. Needless to say, this PC works for a living and the chassis shows plenty of battle scars.

Ironically enough Darren started to have an issue with the system which prompted us to do our annual service to not only flush the coolant but to also do a visual inspection of the gear. Check out this episode to hear about how that all turned out along with a funny story about a strange alarm.

You can find episode #79a of the Hardware Podcast right here.

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