Most Valuable Submission of Week 38, 2017: Gold for Bigblock990 (US) and Hellbert (IT)

In Week 38 of 2017, we received 3540 benchmark results from 881 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 56% of the active community. They were responsible for 41% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

During Week 38 of 2017 two overclockers made it to the leaderboard with a golden cup. First up is the newly promoted member of the Elite league Bigblock990 from the United States. With a powerful Core i7 7740X overclocked to 6949 MHz, the American overclocker scores top spot in the HWBOT X265 1080P 4xCPU benchmark with 58.18 FPS. That is 0.15 FPS higher than runner-up in the category, Rauf. Second overclocker to celebrate this week is Hellbert from Italy. He managed to take the first spot in the highly-highly-highly competitive SuperPI 32M Core i7 2600K ranking. With an incredible overclock of 6042 MHz the Italian is more than 100ms faster than Strat from France who held the top spot in the ranking for a long time. Congrats for taking such a legendary golden cup!

The most used hardware components of Week 38 are the Core i7 7700K (12.4%), GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (12.6%) and the ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex (3.6%). In total the community used 340 different CPUs, 233 different GPUs and 654 different motherboards.

The overclocking results submitted during Week 38 generated in total 60 World Record Points, 6042.9 Global Points, and 6395.2 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 17% for Elite, 32% for Extreme, 12% for Apprentice, 18% for Enthusiast, 7% for Novice, and 25% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 9% Extreme, 5% Apprentice, 18% Enthusiast, 10% Novice, and 56% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 38, 2017

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Bigblock990 120.7 pts (GFP!) Rsannino 54.4 pts ikki 39.5 pts
Extreme xMec 72.2 pts Bob(nz) 75.9 pts Hellbert 49.9 pts
Apprentice Dead things 31.6 pts Tom_tol 33.6 pts G_trud 26.6 pts
Enthusiast Wernersen 49.1 pts KedarWolf 41.5 pts PKBO 29.7 pts
Novice Antherknee 24 pts claudiohonio 25.7 pts Antherknee 24 pts
Rookie Darkneo08 46 pts Sufferage 16.1 pts Mahmood_beklari 26.8 pts

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