Xtreme Addict (Poland) Publishes ‘Ultimate ROG X299 Rampage VI Apex LN2 Guide'

It’s always great to see HWBOT community members share their knowledge in an open and public way. Which is why were are very happy to see legendary Polish overclocker and current HWBOT World No.3 Xtreme Addict post a comprehensive X299 platform LN2 guide based specifically around the popular ASUS ROG X299 Rampage VI Apex motherboard. If you’re seriously trying get every ounce of performance from you shiny new Core-X processor using the Apex board and some LN2, this is a must read for you. Take it away Michał:

It's high time get more familiar with the newest Intel HEDT platform - LGA 2066 and X299 chipset. To be honest I hoped that some other overclockers, who were benching ROG X299 platform more often than I was able to or got access to more models of CPUs than I had, would share their extra knowledge so I could learn something extra to avoid rookie mistakes, but it's already 3 months from the launch and meanwhile I learned some tricks. Maybe they will learn something from me instead.

Rampage VI Apex - The hero of this guide is Asus Rampage VI Apex edition motherboard which continues legacy of Apex line originating from Z270. Looks like from now on the highest model even in HEDT segment in naming/pricing is no longer the best option for LN2. Please remember that Rampage VI Extreme has only 8PIN EPS + 4PIN in contradiction to Rampage VI Apex (2x 8PIN EPS) and Extreme version doesn't support Kabylake-X CPUs, it means that some components from VRM are removed. Moreover Extreme has 8 DIMM design which is less effective for high memory overclocking. The main difference between SKLX and KBLX CPUs in terms of power design is of course FIVR, which motherboard vendors love and XOC community hates. Why there are two totally different points of view? It dates back to LGA 1150 times, vendors claimed from their point of view FIVR is great - easier to design a board, cheaper to produce and lower RMA rates cause FIVR doesn't stress VRM that much. Extreme overclockers hate it cause of two major things: ColdBootBug and ColdBug. I say it's life, we just have to adapt to less easy-going benching.

You can find the Ultimate ROG X299 R6A LN2 Tips & Overview article here on the HWBOT Forum.

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