Wizerty Hosts AMD Ryzen Threadripper Extreme OC Workshop in Paris

France’s No.1 overclocker Wizerty was busy once again last weekend, spreading the word of extreme overclocking in his native Paris. Following up on an OC workshop event that took place at the Absolute PC store in Central Paris back in April, Jean-Michel teamed up again with the Absolute and partners Corsair, AMD ASUS ROG for another OC workshop extravaganza. You can check out some great photos of the event, posted on Wizerty’s Facebook page (credit to W4rell and Dominique).

Whereas the first event focused on showing folks how to push an Intel Kaby Lake platform under LN2, last weekend’s event was all about AMD Ryzen Threadripper. Alongside the presence the country’s number one overclocker, the new AMD HEDT platform also proved to be real draw. Indeed the event attracted the attention of so many local enthusiasts that Wizerty described it as an ‘absolutely HUGE turnout’!

The event is of course part of a broader effort to expose regular PC enthusiasts, DIY builders and gamers to the extreme overclocking experience. The workshop followed a pretty straight forward format; introduce the basic skill involved and then allow attendees to get hands on. If you check out the full photo album on Facebook, you’ll notice that among the late teens and early twenty year-olds, a few children also managed to get their first taste of LN2 fueled performance. Let's hope these young'uns get the OC bug.

You can find the full photo album of the Paris Threadripper workshop, here on the Wizerty Facebook page.

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