The OC Show, Season 4 Episode 10: OC-ESPORTS Roundup, Intel Labs, 360 Videos and More

The tenth episode of the OC Show from OverClocking-TV was actually recorded a week or so ago. The good news is that if you missed it, you can catch the full show that is now available on the OC-TV YoueTub channel. The show kicks off with a roundup as ever from Toolius. He gives an overview of all the individual and team standings on OC-ESPORTS, followed by a look at the standings in the contests that are happening. These include the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions, the HWOT Team Cup and the most recent Rookie Rumble action.

As well as show regulars Atlas, Toolius and Buildzoid, the two main stalwarts of Overclocking-TV are also present with Trouffman and Xyala both making an appearance as special guests. Atlas and Toolius raise the topic of Intel Core-X series and the slightly odd way that Intel have been simply been adding new products to the stack, most notably the Core i9 7900X and i9 7920X parts. Then there is the issues of some BIOSes having vCore issues. How do these issues still persist? The guys have plenty of theories.

Xyala then gives us an overview of his most recent trip with Trouffman to the US where he paid a visit to the Intel Labs in Portland, Oregon. As well as meeting with Intel to discuss a range of overclocking-related topics, they were also fortunate to gets hands on with Intel’s latest 360 degree video technologies. Trouff goes on to explain more about how the 360 degree camera tech works and the advantages it brings in terms of screen resolutions, pixel counts etc. Xyala also introduces the idea of using VR in live overclocking contests, giving viewers a chance to see exactly what is happening from the perspective of the overclocker with telemetry data such as frequencies, voltages and more overlaid on the screen to offer a more complete picture of what is going on. Futuristic OC contests anyone? I’m in.

You can find episode 10 from season 4 of the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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