Hardware Asylum Podcast #79: Intel HEDT Platform and X299 Motherboard Design

The guys from Hardware Asylum are back with their latest technology podcast. In Episode #79 Dennis and Darren take on the topic of Intel’s newer High-End Desktop platforms. With the launch of Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processor lines, enthusiast consumers have more options than ever when building a high performance rig. Issues including pricing, multi-core processing and the topic of TIM or solder. Here’s what the guys have jotted down in the show notes:

It has been several months since the exciting launch of the Intel Core X Series line of processors and we got a glimpse of the new X299 motherboards at Computex however, it would seem it has taken awhile for products to make it to market. Some of it could be from the sheer number of product launches this summer from Ryzen and the X399 to the Core X, Intel X299 and Threadripper all making an appearance and giving hardware sites plenty to talk about and YouTube channels to complain on.

In this episode the duo discuss many of the new features of the X299 platform and some of the lesser known things that Intel has created in an attempt to make things easier for them. There is also a couple of interesting motherboard discussions in this episode from the tiny EVGA X299 Micro and how it handles the Core i7 7740X to the monster ASUS Rampage X299 Apex which is not only designed to be a premier overclocking motherboard but would be a welcome addition to any high end desktop build.

You can find episode #79 of the Hardware Podcast right here.

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