TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.4.0 Released, Updated AMD RX Vega Shader Count Detection

It’s been a busy week at TechPowerUp and the GPU-Z team it seems, who are releasing their second build in the space of just two days. Version 2.4.0 is now available and includes updates stream count detection for AMD Radeaon Vega cards and improved OpenCL detection when using older drivers. Here’s the full update from btarunr:

TechPowerUp today posted a quick update to GPU-Z in the wake of some controversy surrounding the reported shader counts of some Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics cards by version 2.3.0, which we released earlier this week. The new TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.4.0 comprehensively updates stream processor count detection of AMD Radeon RX Vega series graphics cards, which means the stream processor and TMU counts of the RX Vega 56 graphics cards, including those that have been flashed with RX Vega 64 video BIOS, should be correctly displayed. In addition, v2.4.0 corrects OpenCL detection on Radeon graphics cards running on certain older drivers.

Here’s the full changelog for version 2.4.0:

  • -Fixed AMD RX Vega shader count detection
  • -Fixed OpenCl detection on ATI/AMD cards with older drivers

Version 2.3.0 updates include:

  • -Added support for AMD Radeon RX Vega Series
  • -Fixed incorrect/missing information AMD Catalyst 17.2.2 and newer
  • -Fixed GPU & memory activity monitoring on AMD Radeon RX 500 Series
  • -Fixed crash on startup in rare CrossFire configurations
  • -Fixed CrossFire detection for slave cards
  • -Addded VRM efficiency & VDDC/VDDCI power readings for Polaris
  • -Added support for AMD Radeon WX 7100, WX 3100
  • -Addded support for NVIDIA Quadro M2200, GTX 1080 Mobile, GeForce MX150

Find the latest GPU-Z v2.4.0 utility from TechPowerUp here.

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