Throwback Thursday: The Indivisible Nature of a World Record

Today being a Thursday, we take you back to a day in 2014 when Massman and Xyala posted an editorial article that really dug deep into the actual meaning of what it means to make a World Record score. It was a time when HWBOT etched out and clarified the terminology which we use today. World Records are often the fuel which powers the marketing budgets for overclocking events and contests, such is their importance to our world. To make clearer the words used to describe a world record, this is what we published back in September 2014:

“In the very near future, the terminology at the HWBOT site as well as its news articles will change drastically when it comes to overclocking world records. A World Record is indivisible. It is a thing of which only one can exist. Any derivative of the World Record cannot be called a world record, and can only be referred to as a “Top Score” or “Best”. To illustrate the communication, consider the image..( on the left).”

“….you can find four different categories of overclocking top scores. First, there is the World Record. This is the best score ever achieved for a specific benchmark application. Secondly, there is the Global Top Score or Global Best. This is the best score achieved for a benchmark category. The category is defined as a subset of the benchmark scores, separated by core count. Thirdly, there is the Hardware Top Score or Hardware Best. This is the best score achieved in a specific benchmark category defined by a benchmark and a piece of hardware. As a fourth item, we have the Platform Top Score or Platform Best.”

When it was published back on September 17th 2014, this article promoted 43 comments from users. You can find the original editorial piece here. It, and the comments are well worth a look.

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