OCWC Yogakarta 2017 – Meet the Qualification Phase Combatants

Just yesterday the Yogyakarta 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour moved on from the AOCT contest and amateur ambient overclocking, kicking of the next competitive overclocking contest of the week, -the one and only Overclocking World Championship Yogyakarta 2017 Qualifier contest. Hosted at Yogyakomtek, one of South East Asia’s biggest tech tech exhibitions, HWBOT and Jagat Review set out to find out which Indonesian overclocker will appear in the OCWC Finals at the end of the year. The LN2 is prepped. The hardware is ready… let’s go and meet the seven contenders that will go head to head in Day 1.

OCWC Yogakarta 2017: The Contestants

Indonesia of course is on the world’s most active overclocking regions of the globe, partly because of the hard work that the guys at Jagat Review have done to help nurture and promote the hobby in the last decade or so. We know the names, but don;t always get to see the faces that these name represent. Thanks to this article from Jagat OC, we can at last become more familiar with the competitors in this Qualification Phase of the contest. Let’s look at the seven players:

1. Leontius “bboyjezz” Jesse - In the Extreme League on HWBOT bboyjezz is ranked No.1. He has plenty of experience on the big stage and has competed in several International contests in recent years including the MSI MOA 2017 contest. He will certainly be one of the favorites to compete in Berlin later this year. Motherboard – ASUS Maximus IX Apex

2. M. Farid Abdat “speed.fastest” - Welcome to the second highest ranked Extreme Overclocker in Indonesia, speed.fastest. He has lots of experience and in fact finished runner up last year’s final. He will not want a repeat of that feeling. Motherboard – ASUS Maximus IX Apex

Catch the full article here on the HWBOT World Tour website, giving you a glimpse in to the Extreme Overclockers who are competing this week in the OCWC Yogyakarta 2017 Qualifier contest.

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