HardOCP Come Up with Top 5 Overclocking CPUs of All Time, Do You Agree?

A few weeks ago Daniel Dobrowolski and Kyle Bennett over on HardOCP.com came up with a list of the ‘Five Best Motherboards of All Time’. The article stoked a little debate with a few HWBOT members chiming in with their own opinions about motherboard supremacy, which is nice to see. Just a few days ago HardOCP published a similar article, this time focusing not only on CPUs, but in fact CPUs that are good at overclocking. ‘The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time’ is another good excuse for debate and a topic that will doubtlessly divide opinion. Let’s start with number five on the list, just to get you warmed up:

5. - Intel Core i7-980X "Gulftown" (2010) - Intel's Core i7-980X is a bit of an odd choice I'll probably take some flack for. Due to the high cost it sort of flies in the face of what a good overclocking, enthusiast class CPU should be. CPUs should be a good bang for your buck. Despite it's high price, that's exactly what Intel's "Gulftown" CPU was. While expensive, it offered two more cores and a die shrink which extended its overclocking headroom.

It overclocked as well if not better than the typical i7 CPUs of the day with many of these reaching 4.5GHz or more. These CPUs offered the best performance available at the time. Thanks to the extra two cores Gulftown was propelled into a class of its own. Paired with the X58 chipset and triple channel RAM, these CPUs aren't that bad today when paired with a modern GPU. For long relevance, incredible performance, and overclocking capability the Core i7 980X takes our #5 spot.

I won’t spoil the article by listing the rest of the top five, but I will give you a hint as regards the number 1 Overclocking CPU – It came out in 1998. Anyway, leave your comments via the forum link below and tell us which 5 CPUs you would rate as the best ever in terms of overclocking. Catch the full Top 5 article from HardOCP here.

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