Splave (US) Takes XTU World Record Plus 6 Global First Places with Intel Skylake-X

Just a few weeks ago we brought you news about how American OC monster Splave had taken the latest (and so far unreleased) Intel Core i9 7960X processor and used it break some World Records here on HWBOT. Well, in the last few days he’s been at it again, this time aiming his sights the overall XTU World Record. He’s also managed to add a few Global First Places to his name too using a Core i9 7920X and the more widely available Core i9 7900X. Let’s have look at what he’s been up to.

The new World Record score in the Intel XTU benchmark now stands at 4,858 marks. To hit this score Splave took a 16-core / 32-thread Core i9 7960X Skylake-X chip and pushed it to a very satisfying 5,750MHz, which just happens to be a whopping +105.36% beyond base clock settings. His motherboard of choice appears to be an ASRock X299 OC Formula. This is just ahead of Sofos1990 (Greece), another Elite player coming to grips with the new 16-core monster from Intel. His best efforts so far see him with a score of 4,840 marks.

Using a 12-core / 24- thread Core i9 7920X Splave managed to set the pace with some solid Global First Places. These include a Cinebench R11.5 score of 43.02 cb points with the CPU pushed to 5,980MHz (+106.21%). These settings also allowed him to take down Global First Place rankings in Cinebench R15 with score of 4,070 cb points. In wPrime 32M he has the new 12-core top ranking with a run of 1sec 327ms while in the 1024M test he also owns the GFP ranking with a score of 35sec 693 ms.

Splave has also been busy pushing a 10-core / 20-thread Intel Core i9 7900X processor, and not without its rewards. He now holds the Global First Place ranking score for a 10-core CPU in GPUPI for CPU 1B with a run in just 1min 45sec 64ms with the CPU pushed to 6GHz. Other Global First Placed scores made with the same rig include a score of 59,851 points in the Geekbench3 Multi-Core benchmark.

You can find all the submissions in the links above as well as here on the Splave profile page.

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