OCWC Yogyakarta 2017 Qualifier Update: Schedule, Benchmarks and Format Now Confirmed, Starts Sept 5th

The HWBOT World Tour visit to Indonesia draws nearer with the HWBOT Team landing in Yogyakarta for a technology show called Yogyakomtek, one of the biggest annual technology events in South East Asia. As well the AOCT 2017 contest for amateurs, one major focal point of the event will be the S.E.Asian leg of the World Overclocking Championship, a competition that spans each and every stop of the World Tour, climaxing with a Final at the end the year in Berlin, Germany. Today the HWBOT World Tour website posted an update which now reveals the exact schedule and format of the contest.

The OCWC Yogyakarta 2017 contest will in essence be very similar to all other OWCW Qualifier contests in terms of the actual format of the action. Spanning two days, the contest starts on September 5th with a Qualification Phase where all combatants get three hours to score as highly possible in the following three benchmarks; Max Memory Clock (CPU-Z), 3DMark Ice Storm (IGP/Full Out) and Intel XTU (6GHz). A pretty unique selection of benchmark challenges compared to previous OCWC contests. All combatants will be using randomly drawn Core i5 7600K processors, Corsair DDR4 kits and a WD SSD, plus a PSU from Seasonic. Any Z170 / Z270 motherboard allowed. Unlimited LN2 provided. Highest four scorers on the OC-ESPORTS page move on to the Finals in day two. Capiche?

On September 6th we begin the 1v1 matches. The idea behind this format is to add tension to the contest. You have two overclockers standing side-by-side on the main stage, each fighting head-to-head to score as highly as possible in a randomly drawn benchmark, on randomly drawn CPUs. If the CPU dies, you lose. It’s an attempt to make live competitive overclocking as entertaining and exciting as possible and frankly, it works. Each 30 minute Semi-Final, Bronze Final and Grand Final round is preceded by one hour prep time so that CPUs and benchmarks can be drawn, the judges can inspect the boards to ensure no BIOS presets are being used and the contestants can generally prepare themselves and their hardware. The same CPUs, DDR4 kits and SSDs (OS) are used in the Finals.

Last year we saw legendary Overclocker Hazzan win the contest while his compatriot Lucky_n00b managed to join him in the Finals by winning the Wild Card contest. Who will represent Indonesia in Berlin this year? There are plenty of contenders; bboyjezz, speed.fastest, IvanCupa, rhodie and Coldest, plus Indonesian No.1 Lucky_n00b could all manage it to make the Semi-Finals. After that, who knows? Like any sporting event, you need a little luck to cross the winning line.

As well as some great hardware prizes from Seasonic and Intel (a forthcoming Core-X processor? ), the winner of the OCWC Yogyakarta contest will have earned himself a seat in some pretty exalted company; stephonz (US), PXHX (Brazil), Dancop (Germany), DrWeez (S.Africa) and rsaninno (Italy) have already booked their seats for the Finals. It will be interesting to see which Indonesian overclocker gets the chance to join them.

We will bring you updates of the action from Yogyakomtek as it happens, until then check out the Yogyakarta 2017 Word Tour page here, as well a full run down of all the rules, benchmarks, hardware and schedule here on this new post.

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