The Clarkdale Experiment: Mea Culpa

Interesting article for those who are not sure whether to go for Lynnfield or Clarkdale, taking into account power saving and performance.

The higher cost SKUs of Clarkdale seem overpriced for the performance you get. Given that the true quad core Core i5 750 and the dual core Core i5 661 are roughly priced at parity, Lynnfield is a better deal. Bear in mind that we’ve been running Lynnfield at its default 2.67GHz clock, too. If you overclock, the story just gets better. Even power usage doesn’t translate to huge savings in our particular usage model. If I were gulding an HTPC, I’d drop down to a lower priced CPU, and a graphics card with less power draw (and costing less.) For a gaming system, though, Lynnfield looks like a much better solution. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

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