Hardware Asylum Podcast #78a: The Impact Millennials Have on our Future

The latest edition of the Hardware Asylum podcast is now available. In Podcast 78a Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain discuss the impact that Millennials (basically people born between 1998 and 2002) are having on our future. The discussion includes debate about car ownership among other things. Here are the show notes:

All of us have stories about growing up, some of them good, some of them bad. Every story is different it is what defines us as a person. The interactions you have help define how you communicate, your education can help you recognize opportunities and ways to make things better (or worse). Your environment can help shape your outlook and define your future. Of course the list goes on with the culmination adding up to who you are.

Many of these factors are also used to define generations. Baby Boomers peaked after WW2 while Generation X occurred afterwards followed by, the Millennials. In this episode we will be discussing a couple of mainstream articles targeted at how Millennials are changing the future and what they have been accused of destroying. Don’t get me wrong, change is good and we upgrade computers one part at a time like you should. However, change for the sake of change isn’t always healthy.

Catch the full show from Hardware Asylum here.

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