Alza OC Cup 2017: Contest Update - Rauf (Sweden) Leads, Wins Mid-Contest Prizes

Today marks the halfway point of the Alza OC Cup 2017 contest here on OC-ESPORTS which gives us a fantastic reason to take a look at the current standings and the stand out scores that have been submitted so far. Swedish legend Rauf, as a Mid-Contest Leader will be very happy to learn that he currently tops the contest leaderboard, and that he has also won some great prizes from partners Intel and G.SKILL. More on that later. Right now, let’s take a more detailed look at all the action so far.

The Alza OC Cup - Sponsored by Alza, the Extreme Overclockers Retailer

First a little information about the company behind the contest. The Alza OC Cup 2017 is sponsored by Alzo, one Europe’s biggest electronic goods e-retailers. The contest underlines the company’s commitment to engaging with European overclockers, a customer segment they really do care about.

Alza is currently the only e-retailer that stocks Kingpincooling products for example, and is quickly growing its Extreme OC product lines to include pretty much everything an Extreme Overclocker might need; LN2 pots, thermocouples, thermal pastes, measurement devices, contact cleaners, torches, MAP cartridges plus kitchen towels and insulation materials. They can even help sort out LN2 delivery in certain areas. The company is quickly expanding to become a one-stop-shop for things XOC. They are also one of the only retailers that currently accept payments in Bitcoin.

Visit the Alza Shop here.

Alza OC Cup 2017: August 4th - September 4th 2017

The Alza OC Cup contest spans the month of August with four individual stages that will test your skills at pushing raw PC performance to the edge. Being a European company, the Alza Cup 2017 contest is open to European HWBOT members only. Here is a breakdown of the individual stages involved :

Alza OC Cup 2017 - Stages and Benchmarks

  • Stage 1: Intel XTU
  • Stage 2: GPUPI for CPU - 100M
  • Stage 3: SuperPI 32M
  • Stage 4: Geekbench3 Single Core

Read the full Alza OC Cup update article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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