Splave Takes Down 2 World Records and 5 Global First Places with Intel Core i9 7960X

The new 16-core / 32-thread Core i9 7960X processor is not yet available on the market, but the word on the street is that Intel did in fact give the go ahead for industry partners to ‘leak’ a few scores and make them public. Oddly enough, this happened just as AMD’s Threadripper was officially launched. Go figure. A week ago GIGABYTE in-house overclockers Sofos1990 (Greece) and Hicookie (Taiwan) made several very impressive 16-core Global First Place scores using the Skylake-X Core i9 7960X, as did Splave (US). In the last 24 hours or so, Splave has enjoyed another session with the i9 7960X, one that reaped two World Records and five new Global First Place scores.

The new World Record for the HWBOT X265 benchmark now stands at 174.05 fps. To hit this score it looks like Splave pushed his i9 7960X to 5,470MHz. This beat the previous record from Sofos1990 who hit 173.38 fps at 5,400MHz. The other World Record is in the wPrime 32M benchmark where Splave managed a run of just 1sec 246ms with the new Skylake-X chip set to 5,465MHz. Splave used the same ASRock X299 OC Formula board that he was running a week or so ago.

In terms of Global First Places, Splave managed a score of 52.44 cb points in the Cinebench R11.5 benchmark, the fastest ever for a 16-core CPU. In Cinebench R15 he made a GFP score of 4,941 cb points, followed by a GFP score of 81,046 points in Geekbench3 Multi-Core, a GFP score of 14,927.51 pps in HWBOT Prime and a GFP run of 29sec 374ms in wPrime 1024M.

You can find all the scores in the licks above, or alternatively check out the Splave profile page here on HWBOT.

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