[Video] Buildzoid PCB Breakdown: GALAX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HOF

In the world PCB breakdown videos on YouTube there stands only man. One man who has single handedly managed to make the world of graphics card PCBs as interesting as possible, especially from an overclocking perspective. That man is Buildzoid. His recent adventures have dealt with a few aftermarket GTX 108 Ti cards that have become available in the last few weeks and months. Popular cards include the Kingpin Edition from EVGA and the MSI Lightening, among others. Today I want to bring your attention to the GALAX take on an extreme GTX 1080 Ti card with Buildzoid’s breakdown of the GALAX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame card. In short it is total and utter OC overkill… in a beautiful sense of course.

The first thing that Buildzoid points out relates to the card’s somewhat OTT power configuration that includes a third 8-pin power socket. Once you take on board that a pair of 8-pin sockets can provide well over 600W of juice, it’s kind of obvious that adding a third to a Pascal card is kind of unnecessary. Marketing? Well yes. As Buildzoid explains, “It’s there to make you feel good about yourself…. Or something.”

Moving to the Vcore VRM, things get very tasty indeed. “It is awesome. It is amazing.” In fact it has 16 phases, four more than the Kingpin Edition and two more than MSI’s Lightening card. To be fair it does use a doubling scheme and thusly an 8-phase voltage controller chip, namely the International Rectifier IR3595. The controller connects first to IR3599 doubler chips to each of the PWM phases.

Buildzoid goes deeper still examining every aspect of a PCB design that he describes as a Formula 1 race car grade graphics card. Seems like GALAX have indeed done a very fine job. Catch the full breakdown video here on the Actually Hardcore overclocking channel.

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