Prote1n (France) Wins Rookie Rumble #46, Mossy (UK) Wins AMD Rumble #40

A week or so ago we came to the conclusion of the Rookie Rumble #46. After a month of serious Rookie overclocking we find prote1n from France sitting at the top of the table, while on the AMD side of the street, UK overclocker Mossy takes the win. Let’s take a look at all the action in a little detail as well as reveal this month’s Lucky Prize Draw winner.

Rookie Rumble #46: July 15th to August 5th, 2017

First a quick recap of what the Rookie Rumble contest series is all about. The core idea is to give Rookie, Novice and Apprentice-class HWBOT members a place where they can compete against each other on a level playing field. For this reason Enthusiast, Extreme and Elite Overclockers are not eligible to compete. Round #46 of the contest was set up with three stages featuring the following benchmarks; Intel XTU, Cinebench R15 and Geekbench3 -Single Core. Let’s go ahead and look at the stages in isolation.

Stage 1: Intel XTU

As with all Rookie Rumble contests, Stage 1 is all about the popular Intel XTU benchmark, a favorite with Rookie Overclockers because of its simplified GUI and integrated submission process. One interesting quirk about XTU stage of this contest is that the eventual score produced by the benchmark is divided by the number of cores present on the CPU used.

At the top of the table we have French overclocker prote1n showing his class with a very dominant performance in the XTU benchmark. His score of 451.25 per core (1,805 marks) stands way out in front of his nearest rival Frito (US) with 436.75 per core (1,747 marks). In third place kava2126 (US) chimes in with a score of 427.50 per core (1,710 marks).

You can catch the full roundup article for Rookie Rumble #46 and AMD Rumble #40 here on OC-ESPORTS.

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