Hardware Asylum Podcast #78: Budget PC Building

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain return this week with the latest edition of the Hardware Asylum podcast. With much of the tech media’s attention being focused on the latest HEDT processor platforms from AMD and Intel, Dennis and Darren take aim at the other end of the spectrum, discussing the topic of budget PC building here in Episode 78. Exactly what does a ‘budget gaming PC’ look like? How much do you have to spend to put together an inexpensive media rig for your parent’s living room? All questions raised in this week’s podcast. Here are the show notes:

It is back to school time which gives retailers an excuse to have a holiday sale when there is no holiday. It also give hardware sites like Hardware Asylum an excuse to talk about building PCs either for the family room or that new dorm you’ll be moving into in a couple weeks. Of course in these situations money can be tight and you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

In this episode we discuss budget gaming PCs in the sub $1000 USD range. You can build a pretty amazing machine with that kind of money which is just enough to get you decent hardware and also allow an upgrade path for future growth and a creative way to get more from your initial investment.

You can catch the Hardware Asylum podcast Episode 78 right here. As always a good interesting listen about plain old PC hardware.

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