The OC Show, Season4 Episode 7: Alza OC Cup, Cinebench World Record, AMD Threadripper Launch, Montreal 2017 and Gavbon

The OC Show returned to our TwitchTV screens last Friday night, and interestingly involved a new member of the team. Gavbon is the man behind the Play3r tech website and a pretty active overclocker in the North West of England. Episode 7 of Season 4 kicks off with Buildzoid’s recent adventures overclocking his Team Group memory, which involved some LN2 and a bit of ingenuity with some duck tape. The upshot was a DDR4 memory frequency score of 2,427.5MHz (DDR4-4854), which is frankly not too shabby. With a CPU that has a better IMC, there’s every chance of reaching 5GHz+. His score contributes to the Alza Team in Subcategory 3, Stage 4 of the HWBOT TeamCup 2017.

The guys also take a peek at the other contests that are running on OC-ESPORTS including the Alza OC Cup where Italian superpatodonaldo leads the pack with a total of 38 points. It’s early days of course in that particular contest which is organized exclusively for European overclockers by Czech distributor Alza. Another topic of discussion is the World Record for the Cinebench R15 benchmark which was broken by a HWBOT Rookie and Youtuber known as sonofatech (US) who pulled off an incredible score of 9,015 points using no less than 176 threads of Intel Xeon madness. He used a HP server with 4x Intel Xeon E7 8880 v4 processors, each of which feature 22 Broadwell-EX cores. The odd thing is that the World Record was broken again by another YouTuber TimmyTechTV who submitted a score of 9,588 cb points using a 4x Intel Xeon E7 8890 v4 chips, each of which pack 24 cores and 48 threads. Insane!

The newly confirmed HWBOT World Tour visit to Montreal is also discussed by the gang – another opportunity to meet and enjoy extreme overclocking with likeminded individuals. All you need is an LN2 ticket to the event which also includes access to DreamHack Montreal 2017. Another event to look forward to is the GALAX OC 2017 contest, which kicked off its online qualification segment just a few days ago.

Other topics include the search for Threadripper No.1 in the original batch that AMD sent to reviewers, Coffee Lake core i3 leaks and reaction to the arrival of AMD Threadripper finally after a rather extended launch period. You can find Episode of the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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