GIGABYTE X299 Skylake-X Overclocking Guide

GIGABYTE today are continuing their series of Overclocking guides. This time it’s all about the higher end of the HEDT scale focusing on Intel’s Skylake-X platform and specifically the Intel Core i9-7900X, a chip that GIGABYTE motherboard users should be able to push to a solid 4.6GHz with ample ambient cooling. Here’s the guide intro from GIGABYTE:

"Previous to Skylake-X users had to choose between single-threaded and multi-threaded performance. A choice between more cores and higher clocks. With this OC guide you will be able to push your Skylake-X to match performance in single-threaded applications and dominate in multi-threaded workloads."

The guide is based around the GIGABYTE AORUS X299 Gaming 7 motherboard, although the BIOS settings will most likely be the same for all GIGABYTE X299 platform motherboards, which means the guide itself is also applicable It kicks off with an introduction that will be helpful for newer overclockers. It’s explains how to configure XMP settings for example, going on to cover issues such as changing the CPU multiplier, how to configure power management settings, adjust Uncore frequency settings, Load Line Calibration settings and of course the CPU Vcore settings. Later chapters also explore stability testing, delidding and the skills needed to push past 4.6GHz.

You can find the GIGABYTE Skylake-X Overclocking Guide here on Overclocking.Guide where it has been published with permission. GIGABYTE has also published the guide using Joomag which you can find here.

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