HWBOT World Tour - Cape Town 2017: Photo Album

The HWBOT World Tour site just published a bunch of awesome photos taken at the Cape Town 2017 event that took place just last weekend. The pics include plenty of shots of Xyala, Vivi, DrWeez and other prominent South African talent who were in attendance. In fact DrWeez was heavily involved in the event, not only winning the OCWC Cape Town 2017 Qualifier contest, but also acting as official judge for the Cape Town 2017 Ambient contest and helping out with the Overclocking Workshops that also took place. Running events like this take a great deal of hard work and preparation, but as you can see form these photos, it's well worth the effort!

”Just a few days ago the HWBOT World Tour rolled into town in Cape Town for EGE (Electronics & Gamers Expo), one of the biggest tech and gaming events in South Africa. As with all World Tour event the mission was to spread the love of Overclocking, exposing gamers and enthusiasts at the show to both competitive Extreme Overclocking with LN2 and the more everyday style Ambient Overclocking that everyone can try with their PC at home. Today we bring the full photo album from Cape Town 2017.”

You can find the full photo album here on the HWBOT World Tour website. There are plenty of shots of the competitive contests and the OC Workshops. Certainly looks like everyone had a pretty good time.

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