GIGABYTE X299 Kaby Lake-X 5.1GHz Overclocking Guide

The chaps at GIGABYTE have put together an overclocking guide that will be enormously useful for any enthusiasts who want to push Kaby Lake-X processors using the latest GIGABYTE motherboards. The guide specifically addresses the issue of how to push a Core i7 7740X from its base clock of 4.3GHz to a very nice 5.1GHz, a very decent 18.6% percent performance boost that can be achieved with most air coolers. After going through the process of reaching 5.1GHz in easy, step-by-step fashion, the guide continues with guidance that will help take you beyond 5.1GHz.

The guide is based on the GIGABYTE AORUS X299 Gaming 7 motherboard, although the BIOS settings should be the same of all GIGABYTE X299 motherboards, which means the guide itself is also applicable and useful when using other GIGABYTE X299 boards. Testing has proved that the majority of Kaby Lake-X Core i7 7740X chips can reach 5.1GHz on air at 1.35v for the Vcore.

It starts off with an introduction that will be helpful for newer overclockers. It’s explains how to configure XMP settings for example, going on to cover issues such as changing the CPU multiplier, how to configure power management settings, adjust Uncore frequency settings, Load Line Calibration settings and of course the CPU Vcore settings. Later chapters also explore stability testing, delidding and the skills needed to push past 5.1GHz.

You can find the GIGABYTE Kaby Lake-X OC Guide here on Overclocking.Guide where it has been published with permission. GIGABYTE has also published the guide using Joomag which you can find here.

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