HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Update - Warp9-systems Lead With Two Months to Go

The ultimate team overclocking contest, the HWBOT Team Cup 2017 just breached the one month stage on OC-ESPORTS, which means it’s a great excuse to take a look at the standings and see which teams are currently in the ascendance on the leaderboard. Let’s get going with a look at each of the four subcategories in a little detail.

Subcategory 1: 2D - Overclock.net Lead - In the exclusively 2D arena of subcategory one we find Overlock.net in the driving seat with a total score of 296 points. This is an almost perfect score that includes five winning submissions out of six stages. Samsarulz (Chile), mllrkllr88 (US) and MrBreeze (US) are among the major contributors for OCN. Warp9-systems are their closest rivals with 262 points while ROG Czech OC Guys sit in third place with 252 points.

Subcategory 2: 3D - Warp9-systems Lead - When it comes to 3D benching however we find the old-timers of Warp9-systems to be pretty handy. They lead the table with a total of 290 points that includes one win and five runner-up spots so far. macsbeach98 (Australia) is as ever in thick of things, as is Mr.Scott (US) as you may expect. ROG Czech OC Guys sit in second place with 260 points while Overclock.net are joint third with the same number of points.

Subcategory 3: Misc 1 - XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy Lead - In miscellaneous category 1 we find the Italians are in control of things thus far with a score of 256 points which includes wins in Stages 2 and 3. Italians Scannick, Barbonet and GRIFF are certainly doing very well in the contest so far. Overclock.net are second with 242 points while ROG Czech OC Guys again look good in third place with 238 points.

Subcategory 4: Misc 2 - Warp9-systems Lead - In the final miscellaneous category Warp9-systems again show their versatility with a strong lead at the top of the table with 280 points. With MrPaco (Puerto Rico) and ksateaaa23 (India) in their ranks, I’m really not so surprised. Overclock.net sit in second with 232 points while XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy are third with 200 points.

HWBOT Team Cup 2017: Overall Standings - Overall we find that after one month of action Warp9-systems are the contest leaders with 1,060 points. Overclock.net are not far behind with 1,030 points while XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy are third with 942 points. Can these teams be caught? Will another team emerge and usurp them all? Only time will tell.

Let’s not forget that thanks to the generosity of our partners GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, Seasonic, Thermal Grizzly and HWBOT the overall winners at the end of the contest will some great prizes including GIGABYTE Motherboards, Intel Core i7 CPUs, Seasonic power supplies and Thermal Grizzly thermal paste.

Check out all the scores in the links above including the overall standings at the end of July, here on OC-ESPORTS


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