Gamers Nexus Examine Six X399, Threadripper-Ready Motherboards

Here’s another great video from Steve Burke at Gamers Nexus. During the AMD Tech Day event (we assume) he managed to get his hands on six Threadripper compatible, X399 motherboards. In the video we find Steve going through each of the boards from all the major vendors, giving a solid outline of the features, overall design and looks of the boards you will be using when you put together that 16-core beast of a rig later this month (or not as many of you have already decided).

So which boards do we have in the video? We have two boards from ASUS. The ASUS X399 Prime and the pretty exciting ROG Zenith Extreme, a board that is already stocking the fire in the hearts of AMD fanboys around the web. Admittedly it does look impressive and kind of reminds me of when ASUS launched their first ROG AM3+ board, the ROG Crosshair V Formula. Back in 2011 it was by far the most high-end AMD board we’d seen. The Zenith Extreme is stoking that buzz again.

We also have the ASRock’s new Threadripper boards, the ASrock X399 Taichi and the ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming board. MSI are also present with the MSI X399 Pro Carbon GIGABYTE have a single board offering thus far (oddly for them) in the form of the GIGABYTE X399 Gaming 7.

The new Threadripper platform may not be so exciting to all of us, but when you see that massive TR4 socket adorning these great looking boards, it’s kind of difficult to not smile in anticipation at what the new HEDT platform from AMD will do. Catch this cool motherboard round-up video from Gamers Nexus here on their YouTube channel.

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