The OC Show, Season 4 Episode 4: Sandbagging, Core i9 7920X, Threadripper, Vega and More

The latest edition of the OC Show is available now on Overclocking-TV. Ciro, Toolius and Buildzoid broadcast Episode 4 of Season 4 just a few days ago live on Twitch-TV, once again discussing the latest issues that emerged in the world of overclocking and the enthusiast PC market as a whole.

The show kicks off with a chat about the recent exploits of overclockers Xtreme Addict (Poland) and Sofos1990 (Greece) who have been competing on the Cinebench R15 and R11.5 benchmarks. XA uploaded his new Global First Place scores, displacing scores from Sofos from the top of the table, only for Sofos to respond within minutes by uploading a higher score that he had prepared for exactly that eventually. The practice of keeping backup scores on hand for an immediate response is known as sandbagging, a topic which goes on to dominate the discussion for the next few minutes.

The guys then turn their attentions to the contests happening on OC-ESPORTS where the GIGABYTE Beat the Heat contest is heating up, as well as the Rookie Rumble #46 contest which is currently dominated by a group of US-based Rookies. Other topics that are discussed in some detail is the release of the Intel Core i9 7920X and its lower than expected clock frequencies and the reception of the X299 platform and the prospect of some pretty hot chips that may not actually prove to be too useful at overclocking. The other major topic of debate is the upcoming launch of AMD’s Threadripper platform, another HEDT grade platform that is poised for launch. The guys take a look at leaked images of TR4-platform boards from ASUS and GIGABYTE, discussing the VRM cooling and other design features. This is followed by an interesting discussion about what to expect from Threadripper and also AMD Vega GPUs when they arrive in the next few weeks and months.

You can find the full OC Show from the OC-TV team here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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