HWBOT Opinion Poll: Which HEDT CPU are You Considering this Summer?

A few weeks ago we published an opinion poll here on the HWBOT page (just to the right of this news post). It posed a question related the recent emergence of new High-End Desktop (HEDT) components from both Intel and AMD, asking which which of the available (or soon to be available) processors you would find most tempting this summer. Today, the results are in.

Of course, in recent years the HEDT space has basically been owned by Intel (the company that indeed coined the acronym HEDT in the first place). Intel’s HEDT offerings go way back to the days of Gulftown and its first Extreme Edition lineup. In recent years we've had adapted server chips based on Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Broadwell architectures. These brought more cores, more PCIe lanes and features like quad channel memory to the humble desktop. It also meant getting involved in an eco-system that was much more expensive of course. The Broadwell-E deca-core Core i7 6950X commands prices of around $1,600, making the HEDT space one where only those with the deepest of pockets could play.

Having finally managed to make themselves relevant again in the mainstream CPU space with its Ryzen processor series, AMD plan to launch Threadripper series CPUs that will give HEDT uses a few new options. The Threadripper chip that has so far garnered the most attention from media is the 16 core (32 thread) AMD 1950X, a monster that will offer 64 PCIe lanes, 32MB L3 cache and a ton of grunt. All for around $1,000. Sounds tempting, but according to our poll, apparently not everyone is ready to bite.

In regards to AMD’s new HEDT offerings, more 57% of the 431 HWBOT members polled are keen on shelling out for an AMD TR4 platform, chip with 21.11% of users tempted by the monster TR 1950X. Almost a third of those polled would prefer to stay with tried and trusted Intel platform Core i7 and Core i9 offerings, with the Skylake-X Core i9 7980XE chip being most popular with 10.21% of the votes.

Interestingly however the biggest vote went to neither Intel or AMD. 29.47% of those polled would simply prefer not to buy a HEDT processor this summer. Is this due to prohibitive pricing? VRM-gate? Or perhaps folks are perfectly happy benching with Kaby Lake and Ryzen and just don’t feel compelled to splash this summer? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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