AMD Ryzen Reignites Enthusiast Interest, but Still a Long Road Ahead

In the months following AMD’s highly anticipated Ryzen micro-architecture launch, enthusiasts and overclockers have adopted the new AMD Ryzen processors and propelled AMD back to 2013 activity levels. AMD’s processors stand at a 24.75% share, up from 9.05% in January 2017. Intel’s dropped from 90.84% to 75.17% in the past six months. However during the first half of 2017, Intel’s enthusiast eco-system has shown to be strong enough to withstand the recent surge from AMD as their enthusiast base grew 20% and 16% in 1Q17 and 2Q17 respectively.

The information is based on data provided by HWBOT, an enthusiast and overclocking-oriented organization which tracks benchmark world records and organizes overclocking activities. The data is based on self-reporting enthusiasts sharing their overclocking achievements. It excludes data from applications not compatible with AMD hardware. The data shows a significant uptake in AMD activity from January to June highlighted by a peak jump around 2Q17 time-frame when the AMD Ryzen 7 processors launched globally. It follows similar reports from Passmark AMD vs Intel Market Share charts and LinusTechTips’ 2Q17 Viewer’s Choice PC data.

Despite the positive news, AMD still has a lot of work to do if they want to pose a real threat to Intel’s dominance in the enthusiast space as since 2007, it has not been able to catch 30% of the market.

You can read the full report here on HWinsights

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