Open Benchtable Features in Red Dot Award 2017 / 2018 Yearbook

The Open Benchtable website recent published a blog post highlighting the fact that the BC1 Benchtable is now featured in the annual Red Dot Award Yearbook. The OBT BC1 was declared winner of in the Product Design category back in April. The award win will be forever enshrined within the pages of the 2017 / 2018 yearbook which also features some of the world best designed products from some pretty big hitters.

The Red Dot award happened back in April of this year when the Open Benchtable was chosen as the winning product in the category of Product Design, impressing the panel of judges with its utterly unique design approach. Today we’re really pleased to see that Red Dot have added the BC1 Open Benchtable to its Yearbook for 2017 / 2018.

The Red Dot Award Yearbook, apart from a being about as heavy and large you would expect any Yearbook to ever be, is very much produced to inspire awe. Its four hundred plus pages are filled with product designs that Red Dot have deemed worthy as examples of world class design and innovation. The Open Benchtable now rubs shoulders with world-leading product designs from companies such as Apple, Bosch, Samsung, Carl Zeiss, Dell, Daimler and Google to name but a few. Prestigious company indeed. Expect to see the Red Dot Yearbook adorning coffee tables in boardrooms and design labs around the world.

You can find the blog post with more photos and information here on the Open Benchtable website.

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