Wizerty Takes us on an AMD Ryzen Cryogenic Journey (Extreme OC Guide)

French No.1 Wizerty recently published a comprehensive Extreme Overclocking guide on Tom’s Hardware. The guide focuses squarely on AMD’s latest Ryzen series processors, testing every Ryzen and Ryzen 7 model CPU on the market today. Being published on a very well known and pretty mainstream tech site, he takes time to offer some fantastic insight into the processes involved with Extreme overclocking. Topics include motherboard preparation, memory and CPU prepping, plus tons of help and details about configuring the BIOS.

AMD's Ryzen processors offer a compelling price/performance ratio right out of the box. But despite their many overclocking-friendly knobs and dials, most enthusiasts struggle to take the CPUs beyond 4 GHz. Given that we know the ins and outs of extreme overclocking, though, we have a solution. It's time to break out the liquid nitrogen!

Allow us to take you on a cryogenic journey, where we'll explore Ryzen's behavior when it's cooled to -196°C. Our experiment will allow us to correlate frequency scaling to temperature, voltage, and core count. We also have some tips on hardcore modding, such as lapping (sanding smooth) the processor.

It’s great to see one of the most historically important tech sites takes on the subject of Extreme Overclocking with this much attention detail. It’s even better to see Wizerty at the helm producing some great content. Check out the full AMD Ryzen Guide here on Tom’s Hardware. You can also find the original French version here.

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