The OC Show, Season 4 Episode 3: OC-ESPORTS Update, French Overclocking, Intel vs EPYC and HWBOT x265

If you missed the most recent episode of the OC Show, have no fear the re-run of the show is available now on the Overclocking-TV YouTube channel. The new and revamped show once again features Toolius and Buildzoid who in this episode are joined by Trouffman who steps in for Ciro. The show now broadcasts on a weekly cadence and as always, covers all the news, controversies, contests and stories related to the grand old world of Overclocking.

Episode 4 covers a bunch of wide ranging topics, kicking off with a look at the forthcoming Cape Town 2017 leg of the HWBOT Tour which they are all looking forward too. Let’s hope DrWeez can recover from a recent illness to compete in the OCWC Qualifier contest. They also look at the GIGABYTE Beat the Heat contest on OC-ESPORTS were the guys discuss the possibility of some serious sandbagging. Toolius and Buildzoid point to the fact that some seriously competitive scores are expected to appear before the contest ends. Another contest under the microscope is the Team Cup where Warp9-systems and are competing at the top of the table. Plus there’s the Rookie Rumble series which continues as ever.

As VP of the French Federation of Overclockers (FFOC), Trouffman introduces the topic of French overclocking, the history of overclocking and the famous ClanOC team which has been less active than in previous years and the position of France as a nation in overclocking terms. Other topics include the big announcements from AMD and Intel, including recent slides where Intel accused the opposition of producing ‘glued together’ EPYC chips. Plenty of controversy to wade through. They then talk about the recent work of Sofos1990 (Greece) and his recent spate of Global First Place scores achieved using 6-core, 8-core and 10-core Skylake-X processors. Finally we have the news that the HWBOT x265 benchmark has been approved for points on HWBOT, and that the Overclocker Magazine has opted to drop awards in its reviews.

Catch the OC Show, Season 4 - Episode 4 here on the OC-TV YouTube channel.

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