Road to Pro, Round 2: Challenger Division VII - Full Roundup

After dealing with all the Challenger Divisions that are based on modern Intel and AMD hardware we finally arrive at Division VII, a place which is very much centered on older hardware. The winner at the end of Round 2 is Italy’s scannick, an overlocker who certainly knows a thing or two about benching retro hardware. Let’s take a look at all the notable scores and submissions from Round 2 of the Challenger Division VII.

Scannick (Italy) Wins Challenger Division VII (Socket LGA775 & GeForce 200)

Challenger Division VII brings us to retro hardware, which in Round 2 involves benching on processors from the classic Intel socket 775 era. Socket 775 covers a plethora of platforms that includes Prescott, Conroe, Yorkfield and Wolfdale architecture CPUs. Retro GPUs are also part of the picture with Nvidia 200 cards allowed. Here are retro-style benchmarks involved.

Division VII: Round 2 Stages

  • Stage1: SuperPI 32M
  • Stage2: Cinebench 2003
  • Stage3: 3DMark01
  • Stage4: Unigine Heaven Basic
  • Stage5: Wprime 1024M

Stage 1: SuperPI 32M

We kick off this roundup with a look at Stage 1. Here we find our eventual winner from Italy in the driving seat at the top of the table with a SuperPi 32M run of 7min 49sec 172ms. His choice of LGA775 chip led him to use a Wolfdale-based Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 from early 2008. This was pushed to a very impressive 6,083MHz, which is a whopping +92.07% beyond stock settings. Other notable hardware included an ASUS Rampage Extreme motherboard, an Intel X48 board that was one of ASUS’ earlier ROG offerings, so much so that it didn’t feature the signature red and black color scheme.

Catch the full and detailed roundup article for Division VII, Round 2 here on OC-ESPORTS.

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