Throwback Thursday: INF Modification Enables 4-Way SLI on GeForce GTX 780

Today being a Thursday, it’s once again time to take a look back at a poignant point in the past when we basically posted something pretty cool here on the HWBOT front page. Today we look back at a story from July 2013 when a Brazilian overclocker named Faster posted a YouTube video that showed a simple INF modification that allowed Nvidia GTX 780 users to bypass a multi-card limitation and enjoy some 4-way SLI action. Here’s what we wrote back in 2013:

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Brazilian-Japanese performance tweaker Faster shows how to work around the 4-Way SLI limitation for the GeForce GTX 780 imposed by Nvidia. The video is in Portuguese so unless you're fluent in that language, you will have to rely on the video instructions to get 4-Way running. From the looks of it, the newer drivers featuring support for the GeForce GTX 780 cards also include a couple of lines preventing it from running 4-Way SLI. The older drivers have no such limitation, but also don't officially support the GTX 780. By simply using a modified nv_disp.inf, you can add the support and enjoy 4-Way SLI.

All credit goes to Faster from the Fusion-OC team. You can see his routine in the video below. Check out his forum thread here and here (Portuguese). With 4-Way SLI enabled on the GeForce GTX 780, Faster managed to score a solid 12,867 in Fire Strike Extreme.

You can find the original post from 2013 here, and of course make sure you check out the comments. This one actually has plenty of drama.

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