HWBOT World Tour – Cape Town 2017: Contest Structure and Rules Confirmed

The HWBOT World Tour website just published news article relating to the forthcoming visit to South Africa where the team will be spreading the word of Overclocking to gamers and enthusiasts at EGE in Cape Town. Today they have announced details relating to both Ambient and Extreme contests that will be held, including the OCWC Cape Town Qualifier where a ticket to the Finals in Berlin at the end of the year is at stake.

The HWBOT World Tour returns to Cape Town for the Electronics & Gaming Expo (EGE) on July 28th. As well as Overclocking workshops, the event will feature plenty of competitive overclocking in the form of an Ambient Cape Town 2017 contest and the Overclocking World Championship Cape Town 2017 Qualifier. Today we we bring you confirmation of the rules that will used for both of these contests, the hardware that will be involved and the general structure of things.

Overclocking World Championship – Cape Town 2017 Qualifier - Extreme overclockers in the region are invited to take part in the Cape Town 2017 Qualifier contest. To compete, you have to purchase an LN2 ticket (available here), this will give you access to the Overclockers Gathering and unlimited LN2. Here’s a breakdown of how the contest is organized.

Check out the full news article here on the HWBOT World Tour site which outlines the structure, dates, benchmarks, prizes and more.

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