GeForce GTX 480 3-way SLI review

Although I'm not digging the huge power consumption and other problems of the GTX400 series, it has to be said that the potential is indeed there. Nice article; also interesting to see the CrossFire versus SLI technology performance scaling

Nope, placed in 2-way SLI things certainly are looking good. The driver team did a magnificent job, all titles we used were running SLI straight out of the box , there was no tweaking needed, no manual profiling ... nothing. It's a testimony of the multi-GPU driver development that NVIDIA started years ago, and right now you reap the benefits of that fruit. 3-way SLI well .. it opens up a can of worms called bottlenecks. We really need next generation processors for that. So guys there you have it, nobody will discuss or argue that a setup like this is loud and power hungry in terms of energy, it however is the best of the best performance your money can buy you and surely the x-factor here is huge. We very much enjoyed playing around with the GeForce GTX 480 in SLI and especially 2-way SLI seems to be a smackdown homerun when we look at the sheer performance scaling. In most cases you'll see 1.7x to 1.9x perf increases, and that's just breathtaking.

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