Road to Pro, Round 2: Challenger Divisions I, II and III - Full Roundup

Today we bring you a full and comprehensive roundup of the three Intel-centric Divisions that we find in the Road to Pro Challenger series. Division I is all about overclocking Intel Core i7 CPUs, while Divisions II and III focus on Core i3 and i5 processors respectively. Let’s take a look at the winners, the scores and the hardware used in Round 2 of the Road To Pro 2017.

$@39@ (Greece) Wins Challenger Division I, Round 2

The Challenger Division I contest is all about pushing Intel’s latest and greatest non-HEDT, Core i7 processors. Today that pretty much means harnessing all of your skills with the latest Kaby Lake architecture CPUs, although technically, processors from any Intel architecture going back as far as Sandy Bridge are allowed. In terms of graphics cards, overclockers can to use any single GPU with the exception of all Nvidia GTX Titan series cards, which are banned.

Here are the stages that were devised for Round 2 of Division I:

Division I: Round 2 Stages

  • Stage 1: HWBOT Prime
  • Stage 2: GPUPI 32B
  • Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike
  • Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core
  • Stage 5: 3DMark Time Spy

Stage 1: HWBOT Prime

In Stage 1 we encounter the HWBOT prime benchmark, which certainly seems to be a popular arena for our two Greek stars sitting at the top of the table. After conquering Round 2 of the Pro OC Division, $@39@ also makes his mark in Division I sitting at the top of Stage 1 with a score of 8,485.86 pps. This winning score was made using a Core i7 7700K pushed on LN2 to 6,918MHz, a very impressive +64.71% beyond stock settings. The system used an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex with DDR4 tuned to 1,805.4MHz (12-12-12-28).

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