Open Benchtable: Mini-ITX Version – Live Feedback Session with OC-TV

OverClocking-TV recently streamed a live video to discuss and show off the latest edition to the Open Benchtable family, the OBT-Mini. The OBT Mini is designed specifically for daintier Mini-ITX benchtable builds and is currently in the prototype design phase of development.

The new OBT-Mini was the topic of a live feedback session on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel a few days ago with Trouffman (one of the lead members of the OBT team) and guest Toolius leading an open discussion about the new product. The video has now been posted on the OC-TV YouTube channel and is well worth watching.

The OBT-Mini in a Mini-ITX version of the classic Open Benchtable. First unveiled just over month ago, it’s currently at the prototype stage of production and in not yet available on the market. Trouff also discusses some of the design decisions that were made when developing the OBT-Mini, many of which are simply compromises that were needed to implement the design strategy of the original product into a much smaller form factor. One notable decision for example that was taken, is that the OBT-Mini will support only smaller form factor SFX power supplies, not full ATX power supplies.

Read the full blog post from the OBT site here, plus you can find the video from Trouff and OverClocking-TV right here on the OC-TV YouTube channel.

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