OC-ESPORTS Roundup: June 2017

Today we once again take a look at the current rankings for overclockers on OC-ESPORTS, taking in all the overclocking action that took place in the month of June 2017. As well as focusing on the rankings for individual overclockers and overclocking teams, we’ll also take a moment to look at the contests that ended in June. These include the GIGABYTE Master Your Ryzen contest, the Rookie Rumble #45 contest and the Road to Pro Series where Round 2 just came to a close.

Official World Overclocking Rankings - June 2017

Firstly let’s take a look at the individual rankings on OC-ESPORTS and compare the movers and shakers in the top ten compared to what we saw last month. One month ago we found Italian rsannino had been launched to the top of the rankings after winning the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2107 contest where he won both the Qualification segment and the Final, out pacing Xtreme Addict from Poland. As the month of June draws to a close he remains OC-ESPORTS ranking leader with a total of 647 points.

In second place we find Aussie overclocker macsbeach98 who moves from 5th in the table with 276 points, to 2nd and 382 points. His points boost can be accounted for with his great work in Round 2 of the Challenger Divisions (inc. a runner up spot in Division VII), his participation in the Master Your Ryzen contest (sixth place) and his current work in the Team Cup where he remains as tireless as ever benching for the Warp9-systems team. Xtreme Addict (Poland) moves from second to third to accommodate the rise of macsbeach98.

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