[HWBOT X] The Wizerty Workshop in Paris, in Photos

A few months ago we brought you news about how French No.1 Wizerty was hosting an extreme overclocking workshop at a PC store in Paris. The guys at the HWBOT X site have just published a short blog post that includes a collection of cool photos taken at the event.

Back on April 29th French No.1 Jean Michel "Wizerty" Tisserand hosted an Overclocking event at a PC hardware shop in downtown Paris. The event invited any and all Parisians to learn about the hobby of overclocking, especially the art of extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen. From what we can gather the event was a complete success with plenty of local enthusiasts showing up and getting hands on with the liquid nitrogen, pushing the latest Kaby Lake processors to some pretty extreme performance levels. The great news today is the we have come across some great photos of the event thanks to Jean Micheal's Facebook feed.

Marketed as a ‘Try Out Overclocking’ event, it took place at the the Absolute PC store in central Paris, very close to the Gare de Lyon train station om Rue Charles Bossut. Absolute PC were sponsors of the event along with Corsair. The LN2 cooled rig used LN2 pots and thermal paste from KingPin Cooling and included the KP Inferno Socket heater. The demo rig was based around an Intel Core i7 7700K processor and the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard.

Check out the full blog post on HWBOT X here which features a dozen or so photos from the workshop event in Paris.

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