PowerColor HD 5770 PCS++ 1024M

Mainstream card with a high-end Volterra controller is, as the author also states, pretty interesting for the extreme overclockers. I'm eager to see what can be done with this card on liquid nitrogen.

PowerColor's HD 5770 PCS++ is an excellent addition to the HD 5770 market. It is the only HD 5770 that comes with a Volterra voltage regulator which allows dynamic software voltage control. While this might not be of great importance for most normal users, it is a key feature for die-hard overclockers who want to squeeze the last bit of performance out of their cards. Increased GPU voltage directly corresponds to increased overclocks, which is essentially free performance. On the other hand a higher voltage results in increased power draw which increases GPU temperature. Given the low heat output of the HD 5770 GPU and the low temperatures at default settings I am confident that the Powercolor PCS++ HD 5770 can handle voltage increases very well.

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