HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Starts Tomorrow

The ultimate team overclocking contest is back. The one and only HWBOT Team Cup. Running from July 1st to September 30th, the HWBOT Team Cup 2017 contest will once again pit the world’s best overclocking teams against each other in an an effort to answer one massive question - which group of overclockers represents the most talented, best organized and dedicated overclocking team of the year? The contest spans virtually all hardware classes with a comprehensive mix of 2D, 3D, mobile and retro stages to look forward to. A place in overclocking folklore awaits the winners!

With four subcategory contests, twenty four unique stages and a target submission count of sixty four, this is without doubt the biggest, most exciting and dramatic team overclocking contest on the planet. And it’s not just about the sheer amount of work that the contest requires. The Team Cup is about finding the right overclocker for the right job and having a really tightly run ship. That’s because the contest spans pretty much every type of hardware you can lay your hands on; the latest Skylake, Ryzen, Polaris and Pascal chips are joined by classic and mobile platforms. The winning team will need members who can push virtually every type of CPU, GPU and memory module to its limits - and they will also need leaders to decide which member submits in which stage, using which exact component.

This year we have some really good prizes lined up for the winners thanks to contest sponsors GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, Seasonic and Thermal Grizzly. HWBOT is also making a substantial contribution, adding seven Core i7 Kaby Lake CPUs to the prize pool. More on that in a moment. Let’s first take a look at the contest subcategories and stages in a little more detail.

You can read the full HWBOT Team Cup new announcement here on OC-ESPORTS which gives full details about the subcategories, stages and prizes.

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