A Massive Update from Strunkenbold, Maintainer of the HWBOT Hardware Database

Today we are honored to bring you all a huge update from Strunkenbold, a valued HWBOT member and volunteer that has done enormous amounts of work behind the scenes to keep the hardware database up to date, and a man who deserves a massive pat on the back from us all:

ATI Rage Fury Maxx Problems: The GPU count of the Rage Fury Maxx was corrected from one to two. Unfortunately that led to some unforeseen problems. For some unknown reason, old submissions wouldn't update and stayed stubborn as single GPU card. I actually hoped a dev would take a look into this but after two months there is still no progress. So I tried again and more or less by coincidence I was mostly able to fix the ranking. There are however still 4-5 wrongly matched subs.

S3 IGP Cleanup: HWBOT member Antinomy made a rather big cleanup of S3 IGPs. This is really hard work because of the most undocumented stuff. Information was basically taken from the driver and datasheets. Several S3 IGPs have now been updated and corrected to make things much more coherent.

Intel Atom Cleanup: There was a big cleanup regarding Intel Atom CPUs. We had a lot of duplicate db entries, one model had up to three different categories for example. Those got merged, wrong CPU core, CPU subfamily names got fixed or deleted, missing CPUs were added. The situation was quite bad for several years which was probably very confusing for users. I'm quite happy to say we're done here.

Duplicate Entries Were Merged for the Following Intel Atom CPU: Atom Z2520, Atom Z3480, Atom Z3560, Atom Z3580, Atom Z3590, Atom Z3735G, Atom Z3735F, Atom Z2560.

Qualcomm SoC Cleanup: Next up are the Qualcomm SoCs. I've started to sort them by family and used architecture. But Im open for other ideas how to categorize them. It currently looks like this: MSM7000 (ARM11) Snapdragon (ARM11) Snapdragon (Cortex-A5) Snapdragon (Cortex-A53) Snapdragon (Cortex-A7) Snapdragon (Krait) Snapdragon (Kryo) Snapdragon (Scorpion). The name scheme of the SoCs were updated, there were a lot of crazy combinations of name, model number and core speed. There are still a lot of duplicate SoCs which are already tasked to get merged.

Mobile Phone Support Discontinued: There was rather heavy request of adding mobile phones to the db. During the process I noticed some technical problems. It looked like the more I touched things, the more things got broken. I'm waiting for a dev who is willing to fix the problem. I'm however not very optimistic. To make things worse, we have over 7000 devices in the queue which actually need to be added (so that you can make submissions with the HWBOT prime android app). Adding this enormous amount of phones alone would be a Herculean task but this is an even more complicated operation due some Chinese manufactures and users of custom ROMSs which makes the detection very hard for our system.

Our system cant distinguish. Submissions get matched to the wrong hardware, rankings need to get cleaned afterwards, an effort that is simply too much for volunteers. Hence I'm very sorry to tell you that I wont add mobile phones to the db anymore until these problems are solved. I continue to add SoCs though, so it should be still possible to bench Geekbench, CPU-Z and mobile 3DMark.

Other Small Changes: To avoid confusion, the core for Opteron 144-156 Socket 939 CPUs was changed from San Diego to Venus. CPU-World says they are San Diego, CPU-Z identifies them as Venus. I think, its not really important. Clock of Athlon XP 1800+ Thoroughbred was corrected from 1466Mhz to 1533Mhz.

New AMD GPUs: Radeon R9 390 x2, Radeon R7 350, FirePro D300, Radeon RX 580, Radeon RX 570, Radeon RX 560, Radeon RX 550, Radeon RX 540, Radeon Pro WX 7100, Radeon R7 450, Radeon R9 M470X, Radeon HD 6450M, FirePro W4190M, Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris), Radeon R7 M460, Radeon R7 A360, Radeon Pro 580, Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.


New ARM GPUs: Mali-T880MP12, Mali-G71 MP20, Adreno 540

New Intel GPUs: GMA 600

New Nvidia GPUs: GeForce GTX 760 x2, Titan Xp, Riva 128 PCI, Quadro M520, GeForce 910M (GK208), GeForce 910M (GF117), GeForce GT 1030, Tesla V100, Quadro P600, Quadro P1000, Quadro P2000, Quadro P3000, Quadro P4000 Quadro M1200, Quadro M2200, Quadro FX 1800M, Tesla P40.

The following GPUs were merged: Riva TNT2 M64 and Riva TNT2 M64 16MB into: Riva TNT2 M64 AGP. Riva TNT2 and Riva TNT2 16MB andTNT2 Pro into: Riva TNT2/TNT2 Pro Radeon HD 6320m. Radeon HD 6320 into: Radeon HD 6320.

New AMD CPUs: GX-217GI, GX-420GI, Epyc 7601, Epyc 7551, Epyc 7501, Epyc 7451, Epyc 7401, Epyc 7351, Epyc 7301, Epyc 7281, Epyc 7251, Epyc 7551P, Epyc 7401P, Epyc 7351P.

New Intel CPUs: Xeon Phi 7210, Xeon Phi 7210F, Xeon Phi 7230, Xeon Phi 7230F, Xeon Phi 7250, Xeon Phi 7350F, Xeon Phi 7290, Xeon Phi 3110X, Xeon Phi 3120A, Xeon Phi 3120P, Xeon Phi 31S1P, Xeon Phi 5110P, Xeon Phi 5120D, Xeon Phi SE10P, Xeon Phi SE10X, Xeon Phi 7110P, Xeon Phi 7110X, Xeon Phi 7120A, Xeon Phi 7120D, Xeon Phi 7120P, Xeon Phi 7120X, Atom x3-C3200RK, Atom x3-C3205RK, Atom x3-C3235RK, Atom x3-C3265RK, Atom x3-C3295RK, Atom x3-C3405, Atom x5-Z8330, Atom x7-Z8750, Atom x5-E8000, Atom x5-Z8550, Xeon E5 2622 v3, Core i5 7640X, Core i7 7740X, Core i7 7800X, Core i9 7900X, Core i7 7820X, Core i9 7920X, Core i9 7940X, Core i9 7960X, Core i9 7980XE, Core i3 6157U.

New SOCs: Kirin 655, Exynos 9 8895 Octa, Snapdragon 835 MSM8998, Exynos 7 Octa 7870, Exynos 7 Quad 7578.

On behalf of all HWBOT members, thanks Gregor. You're an absolute star!

Canada samual says:

If your not going to support mobile phones why not just allow manual entry for them like you do for all the other mobile benchmarks.

Strunkenbold says:

3 hours ago, bburke said:

If your not going to support mobile phones why not just allow manual entry for them like you do for all the other mobile benchmarks.

You should still be able to submit with the SoC, if its not in the database please make a request in the support section.

Its just the automatic submissions with the hwbot prime app which doesnt work. But hwbot prime is dead anyway. 

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