Throwback Thursday: OC-TV Interviews Vivi at HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering, June 2014

Today we look back at a memorable moment from June 2014 when we organized the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering in Taipei. The event took place in Taipei in the days following the Computex 2014 trade show. Dozens of overclockers were in Taiwan that week, many of whom attended the gathering which was basically place where overclockers could hang out, take advantage of the unlimited LN2, compete in some sponsored contests and also socialize.

One memorable moment was when Trouffman from OverClocking-TV managed to get South African overclocking legend Vivi to sit down and have a chat. The result is a pretty interesting interview. Here’s a sample of what Vivi had to say:

OC-TV - So Vivi basically tell us where you come, how you have been overclocking and stuff like this?

Vivi - Well, I’ve been Overclocking since 2008, so that about six years, since I was in high school, and I’m from South Africa and the scene is not very big there so it’s very nice to come here and meet all the friends and just overclock together.

OC-TV - We have the support of some of the vendors today, like Cooler Master, GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, GELID. What do you want to say to all of these sponsors? That they support his kind of event.

Vivi - I’m really proud of these companies because I know a lot of the people in them personally. Like G.SKILL they sponsored all the liquid nitrogen, GIGABYTE sent motherboards, Cooler Master and Enermax gave power supplies, GELID with thermal paste – they’re all helping to support the overclocking community. I think it’s definitely a step forward as overclocking is just going to get bigger and bigger from here.

OC-TV - Regarding this kind of thing, this was organized by HWBOT for ten years now and we (OC-TV) are also trying to boost the overclocking broadcasts with commentary and live feedback. So what do you expect from a live stream when you watch it from home?

Vivi - Well, a live stream is really important because for overclocking, it’s really hard to understand what is going on, so if you don’t have a picture of the screen, a video of what is going on with live commentary, it’s really hard to get good feedback out of the event. So if you don’t have the live stream and the commentary it’s going to be a tough event, so I think it’s really good that everything is being recorded and commented on. It’s what all eSports have. It’s necessary.

You can find the original post from June 12th 2014, here on HWBOT.

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