PCGamer.com Explore the Benefits of CPU Delidding

PCGamer.com editor Wes Fenlon was one of our media guests at the Extreme Workshops that we hosted at the G.SKILL booth during Computex a few weeks ago. I think it’s fair to say that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the deeper technical challenges that overclocking with LN2 can present. He also took some time to talk to Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung who introduced him to the concept of CPU delidding. Wes then managed to get hold of a Delid-Die mate 2 and set himself the task of testing the delidding thing for himself. The upshot is a pretty cool article on the PCGamer.com site that approaches the topic of delidding from a pretty mainstream perspective. His conclusion is basically that although it can be an oddly scary experience, it does prove to be beneficial in terms of thermal efficiency. Here’s a sample of what Wes has to say:

“Now for the part that's genuinely scary. With the IHS detached, there's a lot of glue gunk to remove from the PCB and the IHS itself. While there are no delicate components around the die, I wasn't sure exactly how hard I should be scraping. I didn't want to damage anything, so I spent a good 20 minutes methodically scraping away with a credit card and a toothpick. I'd blow off the detached debris and wipe it down with a tissue until, finally, all the gunk was gone.”

“That left the die itself, which had Intel's thermal paste on it. Here I used a drop of my thermal paste removal solution and wiped it gently with a tissue. Touching the die feels a bit like poking a brain with your finger. Next step—a great tip I picked up from watching some Youtube delidding walkthroughs—covering the PCB with scotch tape before uncorking the Liquid Ultra. Turns out this liquid metal material really squirts out.”

“Here's roughly what was going through my head as I started squeezing the Liquid Ultra's syringe: Huh this stuff doesn't want to come out. Is it clogged? Let's try a little more force. Still nothing. A liiiitle more force. Still nothing. A liiii-OH GOD IT'S EVERYWHERE.”

Read the entire delidding adventure with Wes here on PCGamer,com.

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